Focaccia (minimum order 2pcs)
意式香草酸種麵包 (最少2個)

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Main ingredients
flour, water, sun dried tomatoes, rosemary, salt, wild starter (contains wholewheat flour)
Cake size (approx.)
18cm(w) x 10cm(d) x 8cm(h), 500g each
Best consume on the day received. Storage method: After the day of purchase, keep in cool dry place and into an airtight container. Spray some drinkable water on the surface of the slice, panfry with oil/butter or 180°C oven 3-5mins.
最佳食用:當日食用。保存方式:若取貨當日未食用完畢,請存放於密實盒內再放置雪櫃。可噴灑少量食用水在包的表面,以平底鑊加油或牛油煎至表面金黃色,或以焗爐180°C 3-5分鐘烤熱,如想要較鬆軟口感,請加錫紙/保鮮紙蓋面才放入焗爐/微波爐。
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