Madeleine (minimum order 8pcs of each flavour)
瑪德蓮貝殼蛋糕 (每款口味最少8件)

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請於remark上提出特別要求(如應數量或口味分盒/袋等等),有助我們順利包裝製成品。預設是以大蛋糕盒盛載,individual pack則為獨立真空包裝。
Main ingredients
eggs, flour, butter, sugar, almond, orange, uji matcha, earl grey tea
Cake size (approx.)
7.5cm(w) x 3cm(d) x 2.5cm(h)
Madeleine shall be consumed within 3 days if stored at room temperature, 10 days if refrigerated. Please store in airtight container after the package is opened.
Serving suggestion
Madeleines can be enjoyed at room temperature and also be reheated in oven, 2 minutes 180C from room temperature, 5 minutes 160C from refrigerator.
You can choose store pick-up or delivery (delivery at customer's cost), please refer to Shipping. Hong Kong Island: $240-$280 Kowloon: $100-$150 New Territories: $160-$200
可選擇到本店自取或送貨(運費自付),詳細運費請參考 Shipping。 港島區:$240-$280 九龍區:$100-$150 新界區:$160-$200